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Trolley Backpack

The trolley backpack includes an outer body, a drawbar, a roller, and at least one fixing strap that fixes the base and the top cover together. The package body includes a base and a top cover disposed on the base. The back of the base is provided with a groove. The drawbar is placed in the groove. The roller is placed at the bottom of the lever.
We set the drawbar in the groove of the drawbar backpack, and the roller is placed at the bottom of the drawbar to ensure the flatness of the bottom surface of the package. The fixed strap is fastened to the top cover, so that the zipper is not easy to open when pulled to the fixed strap. The bag body is in a safe state, ensuring the usability of the trolley backpack. Its design is simple and practical, which improves the overall use of the backpack.
All the positions where the backpack is stressed are sewn three times with the stitching needle to make the position of the force strong and durable. The buckles of the backpack can be made into anti-freeze, anti-mite and 120 degrees Celsius deformation without damage.
This backpack-style design with a lever is practical, versatile, and can be used on shoulders, hand, and drag. Its inner pocket has a computer compartment that can be used as a business travel computer bag.
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