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Hiking Bag

Hiking bags, as the name suggests, are used by climbers to load materials and equipment. With the development of technology, the use of hiking bags has been greatly expanded, and is also widely used in travel, hiking or field operations. A well-preserved hiking bag will not only become a burden, but will give you great value, making it easy for you to complete your travels and other sports.
Our hiking bag uses an inner frame structure. It moves the metal skeleton to the inside of the backpack, making the skeleton and the backpack even more integrated. It is the type of mainstream hiking bag. The backpack is more comfortable to the body, making the center of gravity more stable. This will make your activities more flexible and easier to balance than the outer frame.
For the average traveler, a 50L-75L bag is suitable for most long-distance travel. Of course, if you need to camp in the wild for a long time, such as walking through the no-man's land for dozens of days, you may need 120 liters, but this is a minority. For ordinary outdoor enthusiasts, the capacity is generally considered from the following aspects:
According to the type of travel
Short-distance: Traveling for 1-3 days, not camping outdoors, carrying a lot of items, you can choose a small-volume backpack, generally 20-40 liters.
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