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Shoulder Backpack

The shoulder bag is a general term for a backpack that is carried on the shoulders. According to the different uses of the shoulder bag, it is divided into two parts: Computer shoulder bag, Sports shoulder bag, Fashion shoulder bag, School shoulder bag and Beam Bag, Military shoulder bag, mountaineering bags and more. According to the material, it will become a canvas bag, an Oxford cloth bag and a nylon cloth bag.
The main features of the shoulder bag are easy to carry, liberating hands, light weight and good wear resistance, which provides convenience for going out.
The back structure of the shoulder bag directly determines the purpose and grade of the shoulder bag. The structure of the back of the brand-name computer shoulder bag is more complicated. At least six pieces of pearl cotton or EVA are used as breathable mats, and even aluminum stands.
The back of the general shoulder bag is a piece of pearl cotton of about 3MM for the breathable board. The simplest bag-type shoulder bag has no padding material except the material of the backpack itself.
Computer shoulder bags are of good quality but have fewer styles. Sports shoulder bag styles are more choices, but the material work is general. The stylish shoulder bag has a small capacity, but is suitable for women in informal settings.
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