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Shoulder Army Pack

These shoulder army packs feature a comfortable carrying system designed for long-distance marches with heavy equipment. The bag is durable, which has high fabric density, wear resistance and excellent tear resistance. It can be used together with other side bags.
Our shoulder army packs come in a variety of styles to choose from. They are designed to be simple. There are multiple storage areas in the backpack carrying area for different categories of items. And the capacity is huge, and it can be loaded with large-capacity tactics. Its loadable food and personal items are available for several days, making it ideal for long-term outdoor travel. The unique composite material package system can effectively reduce the overall weight of the bag and make the carrying experience better. The dual-density shoulder strap distributes the load effectively, and the flexible shoulder strap surface enhances comfort. The slim bag design reduces slippage during the shoulder and improves the maneuverability of the bag during patrol tasks.
Fabric: Made of wear-resistant nylon for excellent water resistance
Strap: Designed for long-distance carrying with an enlarged padded strap and a comfortable back pad
Zipper, buckle: high quality raw materials, durable
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